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Everybody wants to look smart, slim and fit. So here are the tips for you to look fit and slim. Exercise and diet is the solution for you to lose your fats, which helps to lose your weight.

The average man needs 2500 calories and average women needs 2000 calories in a day but adult eats more calories than they require, and they put on weight likewise. Exercising reduce your weight by raising metabolism and by burning more calories. You have to exercise almost for 50% of your capacity. Vigorous exercise helps you to burn more calories. After exercising you will feel hungrier but you should not eat calories food. Cycling and rowing is the best weight loss exercise. You should eat fruits, vegetables and in a day you have to drink 10-15 litter water. You should have to take your breakfast everyday but it should be light. You may have green tea and wheat bread in breakfast you may also add fruits in breakfast. Instead of having fruit juice, eat fruit or drink juices without adding sugar in it. You should have boiled vegetables, fruits in your lunch and dinner. A green salad plays an important contribution to your diet. By exercising and diet you will definitely lose your weight.

During these days weight loss not an common or an simple task .weight is mostly caused or increased by eating fatty or an fast foods which are completely unhealthy for the health .These cause the fatty issue on the body .weight loss involve the healthy diet plan for the body which includes the right amount of carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and proteins which are needed for body. There are the many factors which cause the obesity. These are:

Diseases, environmental condition, genetic history and the medication, fast foods and the many others. These factors mostly affect the unhealthy less or fatty issues. The mostly genetic issue causes the difficulty during the weight loss.

There are the some tips by which we can loss the weight these are includes: right diet plan which includes right diet chart according to timely manner.

Second one includes the yoga which is the most important factors for losing the weight which keeps the body mentally and physically fit.

Which also includes the following rules:

Eat right or balanced diet.

Be regular in exercise.

Be hydrate or take water in adequate amount.

Discipline in work or stress free.

Be clever about t selection of food.

Discipline in rest, avoid the fatty foods includes butter, cheese, eggs and other which cause the fatty issues in body.

Avoid to alcohols and the smoking which also cause fatty issue.

Routine in daily life.

There are the several factor which also helpful in losing the weight in natural way by avoiding the therapy which s includes surgery. There are different diet chart plan for men, women and children’s also which are beneficial or useful for losing the weight.


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