15 Practical Weight Loss Tips

Here are 15 common-sense, easy to follow tips for losing weight while on any diet.

Eat natural foods. Stay away from snack and convenience foods as much as possible. For example, opt for fresh fish instead of fish sticks; fresh fruit instead of those canned in sugar syrup.
If you don’t buy it, you won’t eat it. For example, shop only after eating a nutritious meal.
Rid fat from your diet. For example, learn to look without using oil, shortening or butter. Try learning some new skills: poach, steam, broil, bake or wok instead.
Eliminate white sugar and refined white flour from your diet. Cut down on caffeine and sugar substitutes. Dump the junk!
Bulk up on natural, complex carbohydrates. You’ll lose without hunger pains. For example, use whole wheat flour, high fiber and whole grain breads, brown rice, cereals, pastas, beans, potatoes, fresh fruits and vegetables. These foods are loaded with proteins, fiber and vitamins and minerals.
Cut down on salt. Use natural spices and herbs instead.
Drink eight glasses of water daily. Water controls appetite, cleanses your body and promotes regularity. Drink one hour before meals, one hour afterward, and not during.
Plan ahead. Don’t let meals and snacks become an accident. Plan menus carefully and always from a list.
Don’t berate yourself for eating an ice cream cone or a piece of candy. The less emotional you are about your eating, the easier it’ll be for you to eat rationally.
Eating should be the primary activity. Restrict eating to one room. Place diet tips around the room and refer to them if necessary. Ideally all food should be eaten at the table. Good eating habits take time to learn, but once learned they will help keep you at goal weight.
Balance caloric intake with caloric output. Don’t take in more calories than you expect to expend in energy. Make exercise a lifetime habit.
Slow down your rate of eating. Do not have an eating utensil in your hand as long as there is food in your mouth.
Do not serve meals family style. Serve planned portions and serve in courses. Eat as you would in a restaurant.
Eat as much as you can earlier in the day. Ideally, 60% of the calories should be consumed before 3:00 PM.
Just remember: you can leave something on your plate!

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