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Weight loss can be handled the same way. Don’t try to lose all the weight you need to at one time, rather just lose smaller amounts, 5 or 10 pounds, at a time. In this way you will have a better chance at success since you will be building on past experience and success.

Replace saturated fats where possible with EFAs. A teaspoon of flax seed oil and a teaspoon of butter or trans fat-rich margarine both contain 45 calories and 5g of fat, so you might as well opt for the healthier fat.

At snack time choose protein over carbohydrate. Think twice before grabbing that package of cookies out of the vending machine in the afternoon. When you eat refined carbohydrates your spike your insulin which makes fat storage increase and fat burning decrease. Instead reach for a protein snack such as a cheese stick or a few nuts. Protein causes the production of glucagon which counters the fat storing effects of insulin.

Vary your calories during the week. You will need to keep your calories lower to lose weight but if you keep them too low for too long your metabolism will slow down and your body will fight to keep your fat. Take one day during your dieting week to boost your calorie intake and you will boost your metabolism and burn fat faster.

At each meal take a look at your plate and draw an imaginary line through the middle. Fill the upper half of your plate with vegetables and then in the lower half draw another imaginary line dividing the lower half of your plate into a right and left side, on one side put a protein choice and on the other a carbohydrate choice. Add a couple of good snacks during the day and you have an eating plan that is simple to continue using for the rest of your life.

Exercise more. This is the most dreaded part of weight loss for most people but if done correctly can be most fun and enjoyable. Simple activities such as walking, riding a bicycle and swimming can go a long ways to further up your metabolism and increase your stamina. Set aside (schedule) 2 or 3 times a week to do this for 20 to 45 minutes. Involve a partner, your spouse, a close friend or even your pet. Dogs are great exercise partners. This should not be overdone. A little muscle soreness is ok but you don’t want this to be a painful experience. Exercising this way will be fun and become second nature, easier to do as you get in shape!

Control the intake of the foods that are rich in fats and carbohydrates. This would stop the weight gain as the first step and would induce the weight loss as the concluding step.



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