Comfort Foods that use Your Leftovers

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While it can seem a little daunting to make comfort foods due to all the ingredients required, did you know there are some that use nothing more than the leftovers already in your house? Here are some different ways to use leftover to make a home-cooked meal for your family.

Chicken and Veggie Casserole

This is a very easy way to use all those leftovers from previous dinners. You might have some chicken left from when you made a little too much or when you purchased a rotisserie chicken and have some left. There may also be any number of vegetables sitting in containers in your refrigerator or freezer. With a few extra ingredients, you can easily make a casserole with these ingredients. You can combine them with potatoes and cream of chicken soup, or you can take the chicken, veggies, and some cheese with milk and rice to create a nice casserole that way.

Puff Pastry Turnovers

For a more unique way to use up some of your leftovers, consider making turnovers that use puff pastries. You will use any leftover meat you have on hand, such as turkey, ham, or chicken. Even beef or steak can be cut into pieces and added to the turnovers. Inside the puff pastry, you will add the meat along with any leftover veggies you have. Add some cheese that you have in your fridge, close up the pastries and bake it until golden brown. It is quick and easy.

Vegetable Pasta

Most people end up with some pasta noodles in their pantry, whether it is linguine from spaghetti, rotini, or various other forms of pasta noodles. All you really need to create a pasta dish is your leftover pasta and whatever leftover vegetables you have. Cook the pasta and decide if you want warm or cold pasta. With cold pasta, the veggies just need to be chopped, but don’t have to be cooked. Otherwise, you might want to sautee your veggies to soften them for a warm pasta dish. Toss the veggies, pasta noodles, and some olive oil for a light meal.

Chicken Salad

Chicken salad is a comfort food that is delicious and easy to incorporate into a salad, wrap, or sandwich. You can take all your leftover chicken and tear it apart or cut into small pieces, then mix it with some mayonnaise and add your choice of veggies. Go with a classic chicken salad with celery, onions, nuts, and grapes, or add in any veggies you like. In lieu of mayonnaise, you can also turn it into a pesto chicken salad by mixing in some fresh pesto sauce instead.

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