Weight Loss Tips to Follow

Weight loss is serious business; it is not something that you can think about a couple days of week. It has to become part of your daily life for it to work. Once, a person has found a weight loss program that works for them and they feel comfortable with it the need to take account of the daily life. Here are some tips to help you do that.

The number one activity when losing weight is to get you daily exercise. It is recommended that you should get at least 30 minutes a day of exercise. This means exercise that increases your heart rate so that you burn calories. Many people I have spoken to about exercising are that they don’t have time to get in 30 minutes every day. Well, research has found that you can break up the 30 minutes into 3 10 minute sessions to gain the same result. When I first starting losing weight I took a 30 minute walk which is all I could do at that time. Once, you get use to exercising daily whether it’s walking or playing a sport your body will want more. Something that goes with exercising is weight training. Wait, you are thinking if my goal is to lose weight why weight training when it will put weight on me. Well, yes that is true but when you are weight training you are building muscle and with the extra muscle the more calories you are able to burn.

The second thing a person should do is find out why they are overweight, is it a medical condition that can be corrected, or is it just overeating. If it is overeating what is causing you to overeat. Many people that I know overeat due to stress at work or at home. A person needs to find those triggers and avoid them if possible. If you can’t find something healthy to eat that you enjoy and have it with you when you meet up with one of you triggers.

Keep a daily log of what you eat, and what is going on in your life when you start overeating. Important people over the world keep journals. This is a good habit to get into and at the end of the day go over in your head what you wrote down and make some final notes. At first it will be hard just start out by writing down what you eat and how many calories it was. This will become a habit after 20 days and you will begin to write more and enjoy doing it.

Lastly, eat slower have you ever seen a pie eating contest and the contestant eat very fast. Did you see them after the contest many of them have very uncomfortable stomach that’s because they are over full which causing pain and the stretching of the stomach. Well, the reason the contestant can eat a lot is because it takes the brain at 20 minutes to tell the body that it is full. So if you eat slower your body and its brain have time to process what you have eaten. Try it I bet you will find you become full without eating a lot. If you put all these tips together with a good weight loss program you will find yourself healthier and losing weight. If you are just starting out looking for a weight loss program check out my weight loss review site.

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