Weight Loss Tips – The Importance Of Water In Any Weight Loss Program


The importance of water cannot be overstressed when dieting and exercising. The human body is close to 65% water, and we can go without food for weeks but, not water. Go without water for a week and you will find out just how fast the body can shut down.

Water is crucial in weight loss as it aids digestion and also helps ease muscle soreness after exercise. In a normal day – (no formal exercise) just running around picking up kids, shopping, cleaning and cooking a person needs at least 2 liters of water. Now we know we all do not partake of that amount and this generally leaves you sluggish and inclined to get headaches.

Our excuses as to why we do not drink this amount is that it is a nuisance to drink that much. Also, it makes us want to use the bathroom more often. So (basically) we avoid water due to sheer laziness. Making extra trips to the bathroom is really a small price to pay for feeling healthy and having improved body functions.

If you drink a lot of coffee, and have a few alcoholic beverages during the course of the day and evening, then you do need to up your water intake as these act as a diuretic. You can get dehydrated without knowing it. Medication such as cough mixture can also cause dehydration. So be aware of what you are drinking, or what medication you are taking, and compensate by increasing your water intake.

Stick to the good water regime as discussed above and you will find the extra water you are consuming will help with hunger pangs. Also increased energy level and it will help with your weight loss.

Quite a few people do not recognize their thirst pangs and mistake them for hunger pangs, so instead of quenching their thirst they reach for something to eat. A good rule here is to have a glass of water when you think you are hungry, wait a few minutes and see if you are still hungry, this is a sure fire way to decrease your intake of food and increase your intake of water.

A few Helpful facts about water:
Water is responsible for providing those helpful building materials we need for cell protoplasm.
Water is a helpful protector of the body’s tissue and organs.
Water is a regulator for the body temperature and a transporter of nutrients, hormones and of course our bodies natural waste products.

As we all know, water has no calories, cholesterol or fat and nature has provided us with a natural appetite suppressant that also helps our bodies metabolize fat. A low water intake can increase our fatty deposits so get drinking to decrease the fat deposits in your body.

So in short the more water you drink the better you will feel!!

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