Weight Loss – 3 Tips on Weight Loss

For weight loss success, we have to find what will work for us and our lifestyle. We have to choose a program we can stick with, because once you stop practising any diet or exercise program the weight creeps back on.

Tip one – We need to find a combination of diet, exercise and nutrition that is right for us as individuals. The foods have to be ones we enjoy. We shouldn’t have to give up all our favorite foods to be slender. The exercises should be ones we enjoy or at least can tolerate for the long run. There has to be enough variety to fit all the situations in our lives. We need to lose weight for the right reasons to be able to stick with any program. We should lose weight to be healthier, not to be model thin. We should set realistic goals for weight loss and how long it may take.

Tip two – Sad to say, there is no miracle weight loss product or diet that will take off all the weight we want, and keep it off forever, without exercise and good nutrition being part of the plan. Starving ourselves is not effective or safe for our health. Starving ourselves causes us to lose muscle not fat. When we lose muscle we will also have slowing of our metabolism. We will be less able to burn fat. Starving doesn’t work. There are no pills or powders that make us instantly slim and weird diets don’t work for the long run. Face it-the only way to lose weight is to study all our options and pick the diet, nutrition plan and exercise program that we can live with for the rest of our lives and stick with it.

Tip three – We need to have a little determination and self discipline to have success. Once we are on our chosen program for weight loss, there are a few universal tips to help us succeed. Drink lots of water. Avoid diet soda pop. Don’t eat anything after 7 or 8pm. Limit consumption of alcoholic beverages. Limit serving sizes and use a smaller plate or bowl, to make it look more generous. Make sure your exercise program has both cardiovascular and strength exercises in it.

To be successful you need to approach weight loss with a common sense approach by not cutting out all favourite foods, start on a rigorous exercise program, The success of healthy weight loss is to start off slow and build up which means that you start exercising slowly and build up, you start to reduce your favourite food and to replace with healthy food. That is the key to lose weight.

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