Tips to Lose Weight

Americans are known to spend more than 30 billion every year on slimming products and weight loss programs. A lot many products sold contain harmful ingredients that cause long term damage to the body. But in an effort to gain short term benefits, people often blindfold themselves to the long term havoc that is created on the body. Not many understand that a strict diet regimen and a dedicated exercise plan help to lose weight. Besides, there are several other natural ingredients that help in reducing weight. Here?s a list of things to be done when planning to lose weight.

Watch your Proportions: There?s a reason why French women look effortlessly healthy. French food as we all know is mercilessly fattening. But why do the French women not gain weight? This is because they are very mindful of their proportions. Make sure that you stop when you are 75 per cent full.

Determine the weight that is to be lost: What cannot be measured cannot be improved. This is very true when it comes to the weight losing process. More often than not, people get into the process without knowing their ideal weight and BMI. The just randomly decide on losing weight without even knowing their current weight. Before you set out on a plan, make sure that you know you weight and determine how much weight is to be reduced.

Set short term goals: Long term goals should always be divided into logical short term goals. It is easier to stick to these goals as they are more practical. For instance, set a goal of reducing calorie intake of 300 calories, and burning 200 calories every day. This in turn helps in losing 400 gms per week.

Make gradual changes to your diet: This is probably the most important thing to be considered when looking for a permanent weight loss. When you make sudden changes to your diet, the body reacts negatively. A panic situation is created and the body starts to store fat by slowing the metabolism rate.

Burn more than you eat: Needless to say, this is a logical thing to do. When you burn more calories than you consume, you will naturally lose weight.

Go slow: The faster a product or program promises to induce weight loss, the more should it be avoided. A slow and steady regimen in diet and exercise helps to reduce weight. The weight loss is permanent as well.

Curb your urge to eat processed food high in sugar: Processed food is the main culprit that causes weight gain. Natural food like fruits, nuts contains complex carbohydrate that takes time to break and hence keep you full for a longer period.

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