Ten Simple Weight Loss Tips


1. Set a Realistic goal
Don’t get sucked into crash diets or fad diets. Lose weight, not your health. Have a plan that you can sustain and then stick with it. Changing your body is really about changing your life.

2. Avoid temptation
Don’t shop when you are hungry or you will end up taking home a whole bunch of fatty foods that you should be avoiding. Shop when you have just had a meal and for snacks buy healthy, low fat items or fruit instead. There are numerous healthy choices and they don’t have to be boring.

3. Don’t go at it alone
Support is indispensable to success when you embark on your weight loss journey. I think the best possible scenario is a trusted friend or partner who is on a diet program with you. Your success will be much surer with help.

4. Half measures avail us nothing
Don’t just gradually ease into a diet program. GO FOR IT! Throw yourself into it as though your life depended on it… IT DOES!

5. Don’t starve yourself
Starving is not the path to weight loss. Just change what you eat. Instead of high calorie fat foods, buy nutritional, low fat food items and be creative about them. Your diet does not have to be bland or boring.

6. Rome wasn’t built in a day
Don’t try and change every eating or lifestyle habit today. Just make some minor adjustments. Drink a glass of water with lemon instead of a coke. Try walking to the store instead of wasting the gas to drive your car 3 blocks. Small steps will get you to your goal and you will have more fun along the way.

7. Move it or lose it.
Try making little changes about the way you go about your day. Walk up the stairs instead of using the elevator. Walk to a bus stop and save gas, wear and tear on your car, the environment and burn a few calories while you’re at it. Go for a walk at night instead of watching re-runs of “Everybody Loves Raymond”. You don’t have to cram a weeks worth of exercise into one day at the gym. As a matter of fact you won’t need a gym if you make some simple adjustments. Have Fun!

8. Don’t forget your water bottle
Drink a lot of water! Drink a lot of water!! Drink a lot of water!!! Trust me on this one.

9. Keep track of weight loss
Don’t go crazy here because you will have good days and bad days but you should have an idea of the number of pounds you have lost. It will help your motivation to lose the next one.

10. Don’t give up
Don’t let minor set backs stop you and don’t expect it all in one day. You are in the process of changing your body, but it is really a lifestyle you are changing. Enjoy yourself and stay with it. You can do this!

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