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How To Measure Your Metabolic Rate Damage In 60 Seconds

You like chocolate and your body is weight loss resistant.

How do I know these things? Well, I don’t. But the numbers are in my favor. I don’t think I have ever met anyone who made a face and said “Eww. Take that thing away!” when I offered them a slab of chocolate.

Likewise, if the numbers I keep hearing about rising obesity rates are correct, there are a LOT more people who are killing their bathroom scales than being kind to them.

There’s a reason for that, of course. Keeping trim as you get older is not easy. In fact it is becoming harder and harder to do as the years go by and the “foods” we are exposed to move ever further away from what nature intended them to be.

I am not just talking about processed foods that look NOTHING like what farmers and breeders take to market. Today we have genetically engineered foodstuffs that look for all the world just like they did a couple of generations ago. But on the inside they have version 2.0 attributes that nature never intended for them to express, or for us to consume.

All of this works AGAINST the evolutionary machinery we have developed to digest and assimilate the nutrients we need to function at peak capacity. We end up developing what can best be described as “weight loss resistance” – the inability to lose weight despite the fact that we may be exercising and eating what we think is a reasonably healthy diet.

So when I say you are weight loss resistant, what I mean is that the odds are quite good that your metabolism is completely screwed. Not necessarily permanently, but the longer it stays that way the tougher it is to reverse the damage.

How much damage? That’s what this little 60-second quiz was designed to determine:

Click here to find out your Weight Loss Resistance Number

Carolyn Hansen has set up a short 7-question multiple-choice quiz to help you figure out where you lie on her “weight loss resistance scale”.

She also provides an immediate “overview” assessment, and if you really want it, a customized analysis based on your answer set.

P.S. So, what’s YOUR Weight Loss Resistance Number?

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