Easy Fast Weight Loss Tips

It seems these days that everyone is in a hurry.  The desire to lose weight is no different.  You want to lose weight and you want to lose it as quickly as possible, but you also want it to be as easy as possible.  There are probably thousands of helpful tips on how to lose weight, but what are some easy tips to follow to help you lose weight quickly?  This article cuts to the chase and presents five easy-to-follow tips that can help you lose weight fast.

– Drink plenty of water, at least 8 glasses per day.  Most importantly, drink a glass of water first thing in the morning, instead of fruit juice.  You’ll rehydrate yourself, put something in your empty stomach and eliminate the calories in the juice.

– Eat slowly.  Savor the taste of your meal and allow your stomach time to send the message that it is full.

– Instead of reaching for a soft drink with its 150-200 empty calories, have a glass of water instead.  If you need a little “zip” in your drink, drink sparkling water with a spritz of lemon juice.

– Take a walk.  You don’t need a gym membership, special clothing, special equipment, or special training to take a walk.  It’s the most economical exercise you can do.  Try to walk for an hour every day.  If you can’t walk for an hour, then pick some other time that most fits your schedule, but stick to it.

– Eat dinner four to five hours before going to bed, to give your body a chance to digest the food while you are still active.

As you can tell, these five tips are easy to follow.  You just have to make a conscious commitment to follow them.  Make these tips part of your weight loss plan and follow them.  You may be pleasantly surprised at your results.

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