Calotren? Weight Loss Product

When purchasing any weight loss product, it is important to do your research. Many people are changing their opinion about Calotren.

Calotren™ assists in weight loss by “encouraging” the body to burn fat quickly.  It is a protein supplement  that is manufactured and distributed by Top of the World Distributors,. Protein supplements are used as weight loss aids.  Calotren is highly regarded because it does not contain drugs and causes no side effects.  Additional claims being made about Calotren that is a metabolic supplement that is suitable for both overweight users and users looking to improve their metabolic health..

Ingredients at a Glance
Ingredients in Calotren™ include, Oxygenated Water, Aloe Vera, Glycerin, Potassium Sorbate, Natural Raspberry Flavoring, and Methyl Paraben.

Ingredients in Focus
Collagen is a protein that has often been linked to cosmetic benefits. Recently, the diet industry has argued that it has powerful weight loss potential, though this is not a proven fact. In addition, it may preserve lean muscle mass and provide energy. More successful and better known protein supplementing, however, has been linked to the use of other types of protein.

Soy protein has been linked to weight loss. Whey protein has been linked to muscle development and weight loss. Aloe Vera has been linked to good skin health. While this is not a skin treatment formula the idea is that smooth and toned skin should accompany weight loss. The other ingredients—Glycerin, Oxygenated Water, Glycerin, Potassium Sorbate, Natural Raspberry Flavoring, and Methyl Paraben—are for flavoring, texture, and taste.

There are no stimulants in Calotren™.

Collagen is unproven as a weight loss supplement.
This product must be taken on an empty stomach; no food must be consumed within three hours of taking this product.
Calotren™ costs about $ 75 per 30 day supply.

Final Thoughts
The makers of Calotren™ have tried to create an effective weight loss supplement without stimulants. Several success stories from individuals using their product have been provided. They also indicate that their product is not intended to replace diet and exercise, but exercise and diet will enhance the effectiveness of the product. However, there is still no clinical evidence that Collagen is an effective weight loss supplement. Collagen use has proved successful in other areas such as beauty and cosmetics, but as far as weight loss, the necessary properties to facilitate weight loss are just not there.  Look instead for a supplement that uses ingredients to burn fat and control the appetite and you’ll be much further ahead.

Shane Crafton is a diet editor, who’s team specializes in health, fitness and weight loss reporting.
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