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This is not a diet but a tip of the weight loss is a bit different from most of the tips to lose weight around. It is aimed at people suffering from food addiction, especially overweight people who love to eat unhealthy foods, fat in large portions. It is an approach to psychological weight loss foods or changing eating habits by erasing the mental pattern that keeps the old eating habits and their replacement by a new and healthy pattern. Your job is to repeatedly perform an exercise in which strong positive feelings associated with loss of weight and negative feelings to eat their favorite food. This is what you do:


Imagine yourself overweight, heavy, eat your favorite foods, hamburgers, french fries, fried potatoes, bacon or whatever. Think of it as junk food that you have selected from a trash can, that someone has not been able to finish and has ruled. With cats and dogs eating next to you, hoping to get what does not end. Imagine that the hamburger meat is not cooked to your liking, possibly under-cooked and cold also less attractive smelling seasonings from all additives that are running on the sides of the cooked burgers partially consumed This may have your stomach turning upside down. Think about all the nasty things, unhealthy that may have happened to her “less than good for you” food before reaching it. Perhaps the horse meat means a dog or even mixed with toxic burdens and flavoring only to fool you into believing you are eating fresh food and good taste …. Your stomach is growing heavier and larger, is about to explode, your heart rate accelerates, rather than having trouble breathing, stomach starts to hurt a lot …

feel the pressure in the stomach, as rotting food will come … Are you still hungry? Are you sick? Do you want to vomit? Go to vomit! Further development in this image until you can not take it anymore – only your imagination sets the limits.


Now make a list of all types of fresh, healthy food like fruits, vegetables, various cereals, nuts and seeds. Imagine that these foods on your plate ready appeal. Imagine eating this food as a healthy, strong, wiry radiating its strength, the joy and the very large image. You feel better than ever. You are a successful person who succeeds in everything you do. You are eating live, fresh from mother nature, no added flavors, not just the chemicals fresh and healthy food that God has provided for you. You see yourself walking or jogging along the beach, people smile and smiled back as they experience a sense of energy and joy of being alive. You look at talking with people who are in a friendly and reliable. You know you have a great future, strong and healthy body and only eat foods that make you strong and healthy, tasteful food and fresh straight from nature. It feels great, she feels safe with you and you are a lover of life.
Further development in this picture too.

Continue to eat as before, but the practice of these exercises every day, when you are about to eat what you know is not beneficial to achieve and maintain a healthy body, imagining practice first mentioned above before eating and after entry into force, bring your imagination to the second practice. Once you start with a routine to eat better, eat more healthily, the sooner the second practice will not be in his imagination, but a reality. It is vital that you repeat this as many times as necessary. If done in a coherent and focused, certainly going to change your eating habits for the better. While the first imagery practice may have been a bit rough, it is up to you and your imagination to create what the trick for you.

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