6 Easy Weight Loss Tips

Honestly speaking, there are hundreds of ways out there you can find to lose weight that it can be very confusing to know which approach is the best. However, there are not many practical, sustainable and safe methods of weight loss. The weight loss guidelines should be safe, healthy and not extreme to the point that it is too hard to follow. Seriously, weight loss does not have to be so confusing. Once you have a simple to follow plan, it’s more about setting your mind to it. With simplicity in mind, the following are easy to implement weight loss tips you can use to quickly shed the extra kilos.

Replace all Beverages with water
How hard can this be? Grab a filled up water bottle with you or asked for a glass of plain water when you go dinning. The problem with most beverages such as coke, chocolate milk shake, coffee or juices are that they are loaded with sugar and caffeine that gives you the irregular spike and dive in energy level. Obviously, the extra sugar in the beverages not only add inches to your waistline it also add extra weight to the body over time.

Sleep at Least 7 Hours a day
Studies have consistently found that people who are sleep-deprived are out of shape and gained weight easily. It is not only important that you sleep 7 hours but also sleep at the right time. This is because the circadian rhythm which is also known as your “body clock” is disrupted when you stay up late at night and wake late the next day. As a result, the body will be stressed resulting in weight gain.

Eat Heaps of vegetables and fruits
Eat at least 5 serves of vegetables and 2 serves of fruits a day. These healthy food are low in calories which helps to keep the weight off the body.

They are also bursting with minerals and vitamins and high level of fibers that help maintain a stable sugar level in the body so that there will be no craving for junk food.

Cut Away All Pastry
It is important tip that must be implemented if you are a person that regularly has cakes and cookies. Having all these foods will almost certainly result in weight gain. The worst thing about these foods is that most of them contain trans fat which is the worst fat of all. Consuming trans fat has been found to be associated with easy fat gain and also many undesirable chronic health risk. Because pastry are loaded with high fat and sugar content, it would almost certainly help in weight loss if these foods are cut out from daily consumption.

Studies have shown consistent evidence that the most effective weight loss method is through a combination of healthy eating and exercise. Healthy eating alone can only bring you so far and does not really increase the metabolism in your body as much as exercise. In fact, most people who lose weight through diet alone lose water initially, and lose muscle as well. Losing muscle is undesirable as it means that your metabolism actually drop and weight regain can be very easy once you are off the diet. Increasing metabolism is paramount because it helps to burn more fat in the body. For the fit and active individual, be sure to perform high intensity interval training workout to give your metabolism the extra boost and melt those body fat away. Go easy on exercise if you are unfit and build on the higher intensity gradually.

Eat more lean protein
Lean protein such as chicken breast, turkey breast and egg whites are better options than processed meat. They have lower fat content and helps curb your appetite. Plus, the proteins are important nutrients for repairing the micro muscle damage caused by exercise. Without repair, more damages will occur and muscle breakdown leads to low metabolism. Be sure to add the lean protein into your mix of vegetables.

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